2020 Tibetan Old Age home donation and the community

Tenzin Pema    28 Feb 2021    1567

We at Tibetan nannies are proud to announce that during the year of the pandemic, we were still able to do our 2020 contribution to our community who are in desparate need of help. Because of the pandemic they were not able to make money to support themselves. We were also able to donate enough to the Tibetan old age home as usual to support one week of special meals & their otherneeds .
I feel grateful for his holiness the 14th Dalai lama’s blessing & his unconditional love .
Under guidance of his holiness & imprint of my parents who have been my role model to helping others .
I appreciate & deeply thank  all my clients who have been so thoughtful & generous.
I wish everyone that 2021 will be filled with joy & laughter!!