Amish Country

Admin    05 Sep 2016    1992

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying their work as much as I am. So this weekend, I thought that having a mini family vacation would be a good idea before my kids went off to school, and after contemplating many destinations, it finally hit me, Amish Country. What better place to learn about family values, hard work and old-style living than the Amish country. Although they don’t have their own unified community in Lancaster, the land is still rich in history. It was still amazing to see how they could still thrive with using technology from centuries ago. I don’t think I could have lasted there for even a day. However, what really astounded me was how the Amish raised their children.
Even before an Amish children are old enough to attend school, their parents begin teaching them self-control, family values and hard work. Amish parents have to take their role as teachers sternly and distinguish between what’s right and wrong. The purpose of this is to teach children how to behave appropriately. So, even if Amish children don’t grow up with a traditional education, they still learn about what’s important in life, and that’s the hardest lesson of all. 
Sure, there were lots of problems with the Amish lifestyle such as, gender roles and the lack of a legitimate education, however the relationship between one Amish family and the rest of the community was amazing. Everyone knew each other, took turns hosting parties, worked together on a daily basis and were all extremely friendly with each other, something we often never see here in New York City. 

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