Getting down and dirty

Tenzin Pema    12 Nov 2019    1993

With the huge rise and quick expansion of technology, I’m sure we have also noticed behavioral changed, in this case, children Whilst technology has brought many advantages to humanity in the digital age, it has also caused several social issues especially for growing children. A love of phones, ipads, or gaming has prevented kids from embracing the great outdoors, which can in turn stop them from enjoying natural and immersive experiences.

 If you’re going to create time to spend with your family, you should definitely strive to venture outdoors. This will not only foster a more active lifestyle, but it may also create opportunities for kids to learn about nature and the world around them. With this in mind, planning regular nature hikes, outdoor playdates at parks, zoo’s or libraries can expose your children to their natural environment, encouraging them to engage with the world around them.

It is not enough to simply take your child to an outdoor location, as kids often need to have their mind focused and be encouraged to explore their natural environment. This means that you’ll need to showcase some genuine enthusiasm and engage them directly, whilst also being willing to get down and dirty and explore the great outdoors alongside them.

It is paramount for your children to be able to be socially active in any given situation. While technology has helped make life more convenient, it has also forced many of us to become more antisocial since most communication can be done online. Moderation is key for growing children, so they grow up more prepared for the real world