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Admin    20 Oct 2016    2362

Good Morning fellow New York mothers. I hope your week is going exceptionally well. As with every other week, I am going to write or rant about my opinions on what I feel will benefit you’re children, and I’m sure many of you noticed that I base all my topics on what I personally go through every day. 
So today, while trying to find some activities to do for the toddles I was watching, I googled “Activities for toddlers in NYC” I was absolutely shocked at the amount of things for children to do in the five boroughs. I know I should not be surprised at the abundance of activities in one of the biggest cities in the world, but I can’t help but feel a little surprised. Before this I would ask the parents on where I should take their kids, but never have I personally looked into it. So here’s a list of what I feel are some of the best spots in NYC to take your children to. 

  1. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan
    Located in the Upper East Side, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is 5 floors of fun for all kids. From an indoor playground to countless activities hosted here, It is always a delight to bring kids here to interact and to have a load of fun. 
  2. Central Park I’m sure most families, especially families who live in New York City, know of the historic and beautiful root of Central Park. The zoo, carousel, swimming pool, music festivals, parks and the meadow as far the eye can see make up this beautiful park in the center of Manhattan. You can always find something for the whole family to do here. 
  3. The Museum of Natural History
    Just like in the movie with Ben Stiller, the Museum of Natural History contains mysteries and artifacts from hundreds of centuries ago. There is never a shortage of amazement I see in every child’s face when they stare upon the countless relics in this museum. 
  4. Bronx Zoo
    One of the biggest zoos in New York, the Bronx zoo always has fascinating new creatures to gaze upon and admire. I myself go every once in a while, just because I have an intense weakness for an adorability high.
  5. New York Aquarium Like the Bronx zoo the New York Aquarium is home to one of the largest varieties of sea creatures. The sea lion and the dolphin shows are also always a blast to see.


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