The Desperate moms of New York

Admin    01 Jan 2016    2026

Hello to the abundant amount of ambitious readers cringing for the inevitable tale that i will narrate. In this segment, I will talk about what I am most enamored by, New York City. Yes, the city that is famous for never sleeping, which probably also explains why NYC also has the most diverse form of attitudes. But, nevertheless, NYC has been the home for me and my kids for over 10 years and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

However much I may say that i love NYC, It is definitely not an ideal place to raise newborn children. From the crowdedness to the lack of fresh air, it is rare that you will find a vast meadow for your child to frolic in. Experts say that children more exposed to cleaner environments are more likely to have better cognitive and physical development. What most of my fellow mothers, do in the event of having a child move to more suburban environments, in most cases Westchester. Besides the advantage of real-estate especially in 2015, it is also in close proximity to the city, and is filled with quiet family-friendly neighborhoods and brings a more laid back postcard lifestyle. One could maybe argue, that growing up in Manhattan offers way more in terms of academics, socializing, and eating. In that case, I would ask, What means more the safety of your child or the chance of him becoming Steve Jobs?

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