Voice of America Interview

Tenzin Pema    09 Oct 2019    2401

I received a call from Voice of America (VOA), I felt honored. However, as a Tibetan, I was bit hesitant about accepting to interview. I also thought there are many Tibetans who do a lot more towards our community than me. I thought a lot and eventually decided to appear from the interview because I wanted to motivate other people towards good cause and also motivate fellow Tibetan nannies about His holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s teaching about being compassion to all sentient beings!

I am grateful to His Holiness for this opportunity to speak. Without him, I am nothing.  I do not have any identity in world. Because of him, I can bring food on my table for my children and live a dignified. Being a nanny and nanny agent is very delicate and huge responsibility. Parents leave children with complete strangers fully trusting us. So, Tibetan nannies, including myself, take our job very serious. Children are innocent and they just came in this world with hope. It's very important role we have to be compassionate and raise them as our own children so that, in future, they also become compassionate people. They can spread love and care to one another in the community.

My goal is to make this whole world a compassionate and happy place to live. Keeping that in mind, I thought my interview is very important to all the nannies to do their job with much love and care.

With love and Compassion,

Chemi Youdon

Founder of Tibetan NanniesVOA interview