We are Back

Admin    13 Jul 2016    2123

Hello to all the families out there. I just want to start off by deeply apologizing for the lack of presence on this forum, as I have been extremely busy in the recent months. Nevertheless, I still have been working furiously to help families find the perfect nanny to join their family, though it can sometimes be difficult. So in this post, I am going to talk about how Tibetan Nannies matches nannies with corresponding families. 

The process in and itself isn't very difficult, but rather tedious. When first talking to families, we listen as carefully as possible to learn exactly what the family wants, and while we can't always fulfill their wishlists, we never fail to provide what they need. of course, we also prioritize the well being of the nanny, making sure we send them to families we know they'll get along with. While this doesn't always stops disagreements from occurring, but compromising always happens with when there's respect from both parties. 

While this post wasn't particularly about toddlers, I hope this gave all families and nannies a simplistic look at how we match them with each other. Once, again I deeply apologize for the absence on my blog, and I will definitely start posting weekly again, so stay tuned!

Quote of the week by His Holiness : “Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.”