About Us

Founded in June 2010, Tibetan Nannies is a website aimed at families that want to entrust their children in the hands of dependable and dedicated Tibetan nannies. Why Tibetan Nannies? Tibetans are renowned for their earnest religion, wholesome values, and compassionate nature. This spirit and instinct make Tibetans ideal for childcare. Our premise is simple: We strive to find the best match for your family’s needs.
Our connection within the Tibetan community allows us to find you the best Tibetan nanny.

My name is Chemi Youdon. I live in the New York City area, am a proud mother of 3 and have over 10 years of nanny experience working with diverse families. I’ve provided care for both boys and girls ranging in age from infants to preteens. I hope to provide the best of nanny service to all types of families. I draw my inspiration from the ideals of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and I know that all of my nannies embody those same beliefs of care and compassion. Register at TibetanNanny.com today so I can find the perfect nanny for you!