How it works

To hire the best candidate for you, we ask our clients to fill out a simple application with preferences and tasks for a nanny, adult caregiver, housekeeping and meal preparation. We will match your requests with candidates who have extensive experience working for families and being a mother at home. Each candidate must undergo an intense screening process before even being considered and demonstrate a capacity for patience, compassion, loving kindness. They are assessed on their experience, mindfulness and follow through.



Background checks

The Tibetan Nannies agency requires a minimum of two work references, verified communication and provider skills, positive attitude, and an ability to learn and take direction. All our background checks are personal and include contact with the candidate’s relatives and friends, medical/vaccination records and work authorization.


Fees and Wages

The experience, skill, placement fees and compensation of our candidates is affected by the number and age of children and/or adults to be cared for, and expected duties. We work closely with families to determine a mutually acceptable work agreement that lists these duties, fees and wages, and work hours. Once we have placed a nanny, adult caregiver, housekeeper or meal preparer and the work have begun, we will contact our clients and help make any adjustments to work agreements, solve any misunderstandings and monitor provider services.


Work Agreements

We understand that both parties benefit from work agreements that provider and client responsibilities, fees and wages in order to achieve optimal results. Due to the nature of providing care, it is understood that work agreements may be amended in writing over time as needed.